Dress Code (Men)

Guidelines for proper dress at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Due to the ongoing deterioration of Western Civilization, and the general relaxation of attitudes governing modesty and propriety in dress, it has become necessary for the lay custodians of St. Jude Shrine to remind the faithful who attend Holy Mass and devotions at the shrine what is expected of them regarding their attire while present in the House of God. The following standards in dress are required of those who wish to attend Mass at St. Jude’s.

A visual illustration of an appropriate Mass outfit is provided on this page, as well as a detailed list of clothing that is permitted and prohibited inside of the church.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Men and school-aged boys


  • Suit coats

  • Ties

REQUIRED as a minimum standard:

  • Dress shirts or dressy sport shirts, whether long or short-sleeve, in white or muted colors, including plaids and conservative (non-floral) patterns

  • Slacks

  • Dress shoes


  • T-shirts

  • Exposed shirt-tails when the shirt is designed to be tucked in

  • Blue jeans, overalls, dungarees, shorts

  • Tennis shoes, flip-flops

  • Any hats

(For altar boys long hair growing over the ears is prohibited as well as facial hair.)