The Ratzinger Report

This commentary is provided by Traditional Catholics of Houston, Inc., the nonprofit organization that sponsors Saint Jude Shrine.

The following report on Josef Ratzinger was originally published on Sunday, 24 April 2005, and was distributed to Saint Jude's congregation on that same day. The German "cardinal" had just been introduced to the world from the papal balcony five days before, as "Benedict XVI." Ever since then, "conservative" gatekeepers have been trying to convince the remnant faithful that the now, "Pope Emeritus," was the champion of orthodoxy who would have restored the Church's worship, doctrine and practice had his "papacy" not been cut short. Even now, there is an entire sub-culture of Ratzinger devotees that believes he is the rightful pontiff because his "resignation" in 2013 was "coerced." But they have yet to consider that he was never a true pope in the first place, but a notorious modernist who had exposed his heretical mindset long before he was first presented to the world in a white cassock from the Papal Balcony.

What are Traditional Catholics to Think of Joseph Ratzinger .pdf