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Mass is offered at 10 A.M. Central U.S. Time on Saturdays, Sundays, First Fridays, and Holy Days.

Confessions are held in the church at 8:30 A.M. Saturdays and First Fridays, 8:00 A.M. Sundays

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Weekly Announcements: January 30 - February 5

As of 1/31: Requiem Mass To Be Held This Saturday for the soul of Father Theodore Bradley

A requiem Mass will be held this Saturday in the church for the repose of the soul of Father Bradley, who died on the 31st of January, after receiving the Last Rites.  Additionally, this Mass will be livestreamed to our YouTube channel at 10 A.M. U.S. CST.  

2023 Liturgical Calendar and Ordo

This year's Liturgical Calendar is now available at the front door of the church with $5 as the suggested donation.  A free online PDF version of the calendar has been posted to the website under the Calendars section and can be printed and bound at home, if desired.

For those who are unable to attend Saint Jude's on a regular basis, we would be happy to send you a copy but request that shipping costs are covered.  Please e-mail if you are interested in obtaining one from us. 

Fifteen Decade Rosary (Ongoing)

Please join us in praying the Fifteen Decade Rosary for the end of the Communist and Masonic hold on America, Canada, Australia, and other afflicted nations as well as for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Rosary is prayed every third Sunday of each month in the church at 12 P.M. CST (after the 10 A.M. Mass).

In Memoriam

January 31, 2023:

At approximately 1:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time today, on the Feast of Saint John Bosco, Father Theodore Bradley died after being given the Last Rites of the Church and the Apostolic Blessing just ten minutes before expiring, by another valid and lawful senior Catholic priest, granting him the remission of all temporal punishment due to sin.  Saint John Bosco was the patron saint of the traditional Catholic group that Father Bradley served in his elderly years in Washington state.

Father Bradley died at the age of 96 after a lengthy battle with stage four cancer.  He was ordained on 15 August 1958, the Feast Day of Our Lady's Assumption, during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII and was a lifetime servant of Christ, His Church, and the true Faith.  He was a most reliable friend of Saint Jude’s and assisted Father Campbell on numerous occasions, traveling across the country while partially deaf, blind, and disabled to assist with various priestly duties.  He was devoted to the Holy Rosary of Our Lady, recommending the faithful to pray it as much as possible.  His service to the Church in a time of almost universal apostasy was nothing short of heroic.

A Requiem Mass will be offered for Father Bradley by Father Louis Campbell this Saturday morning and will be livestreamed to our YouTube channel at 10 A.M. U.S. CST.

Many thanks to all who prayed for Father Bradley in his final days, and may his soul rest eternally in peace with Our Heavenly Lord and Lady, whom he loved so much.

Father Bradley on the day of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood, 15 August 1958.

Father Bradley, 2017.